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Thread: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

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    Re: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

    Same problem here!
    anyone with lucky?
    tinking in use sunglasses too...
    betterr than windows

    using ubuntu 10.04 and r590 i5
    also I could not use wireless until I done the first aptitude safe-upgrade

    best regards

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    Re: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

    Sorry for replying to a possibly dead thread, but this seems like a widespread problem, and I spent some time battling it.

    I have an LG R560 laptop with Ubuntu Lucid, and Ubuntu's brightness controls don't work. Nothing helped.

    As I now understand, the brightness controls in Ubuntu are trying to change the screen's backlight intensity. Now, my laptop model has a LED backlight, which means that its intensity can't be controlled in principle. The only way to simulate a change in brightness is to change the parameters of the displayed colors themselves, e.g. gamma correction. This is probably what Windows does in response to the brightness keys. Of course, this action only affects the visual experience, and not the power consumption.

    Anyway, the Ubuntu brightness controls are not clever enough for this one. Instead, you can adjust the gamma correction using the xgamma command, e.g.:
    xgamma -gamma 0.8

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    Re: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

    Hi, since the last post, the lg r590 had an update BIOS and the brightness in windows worked.

    I installed the Ubuntu 10.10 and the brightness control don't work.

    So I think the problem now is on Ubuntu kernel, not in laptop, because the brightness in windows is working now!

    sry my bad english!

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    Re: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

    Hello all..

    I was googling about this problem and after I gave up I found a solution while resting.. lol

    BTW I did that in a Slackware box but I'm pretty sure Ubuntu will work the same.

    Install the NVIDIA driver.. the orginal one I mean.. After that, go to NVIDIA X Server Settings that should be available on your WM menu.

    After it's open, navigate to X Server Color Correction and there you go!! brightness control.. and it works!!!!

    Suggestion.. reduce both brightness and gamma to have a better result.

    I posted on my blog with the same thing so google can have more results so more people can learn that thing

    [ ]'s

    suid0 a.k.a Sergio

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    Smile Re: Can't adjust backlight on my LG R590 laptop

    Fixed. See the comments at

    Hélio Nunes (dedalu-dedalu) wrote on 2011-07-04:	 #3
    1) install the nvidiabl module from (Downloads > nvidiabl-dkms_0.69_all.deb);
    2) add a line with 'nvidiabl' in /etc/modules;
    3) add 'acpi_backlight=vendor' to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub;
    4) run update-grub.
    Hélio Nunes (dedalu-dedalu) wrote on 2011-07-04:	 #4
    If you have problems with the workaround after reboot, read this issue:

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