I've been pulling my hair out for one week trying to connect devices to my PC with a NI_GPIB_USB_HS adapter.
I'm completly new to this but I desperately need to retrieve data from a spectrum analyser and the only way to do this for the moment is to use a flopy disk and an old computer.

I think I've installed the needed packages and did my best to configure the gpib.conf file.
The instruction udevadm monitor --environment shows that my PC detects the adapter since the ID_MODEL, ID_VENDOR etc. are correct.
The gpib_config seems to work too.
Then I do ibtest, choose d (for device), type 0 (for 0 is the GPIB adress of my device), w to write data string, and *IDN?
The answer is :

gpib status is:
ibsta = 0x8100 < ERR CMPL >
iberr= 2
ENOL 2: No listeners

ibcnt = 0

If I have understood correctly, the NI_GPIB_USB_HS has been detected but not the device that is plugged after.

Does anybody have an idea to help me?
Thanks in advance,