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Thread: Memory and power in virtualization

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    Memory and power in virtualization

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    Re: Memory and power in virtualization

    Your specs are "reasonable" for virtualization.

    "Maximum power" is subjective. If you want to be "objective" then you'll need to run benchmark programs. VirtualBox and current versions of other virtualization tools support multiple VCPUs. Without the exact model of your CPU, nobody here can look up whether VTx is supported.

    People have run Photoshop in a VM and run some games too. Whether your specific games will work quickly enough is completely up to you. Pacman will run nicely, so will Solitare.

    My suggestion is for you to try whatever virtualization setups you think might work well. Know that when you virtualize anything, there will be a performance loss. Whether the loss in performance matters to you or not is something that you'll need to test yourself.

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