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Thread: Reliable Online Backup Solution for Linux

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    Question Reliable Online Backup Solution for Linux

    I do a lot of backups from home but things happen such an act of God or bad luck. I'd like to pay around $10 for at least 100GB or better. The service has to have a good gui in linux as well as a web interface.

    I've been testing out SpiderOak but every now and then the connection closes and my uploads stall out. Their web interface isn't that great either but the gui is nice. If you are using an online backup service that
    works multi platform please let me know.

    Thanks much

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    Re: Reliable Online Backup Solution for Linux

    I must say I have experienced any connection problems using SpiderOak. I've allso testen CrashPlan, but the uploads where way to slow.

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    Re: Reliable Online Backup Solution for Linux

    My experience with SpiderOak has been good. Have you contacted support about your problem?
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    Re: Reliable Online Backup Solution for Linux

    A couple of thoughts.

    Once all of your files are uploaded, you should see an improvement in your connection speed because at that point, future uploads are incremental. Also, if your connection is broken, SpiderOak simply picks up where it left off when connection resumes. Finally, you can set SpiderOak to upload at a specific time when traffic is minimal.
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