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Thread: Back up solution

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    Back up solution

    Anyone know of a good comprehensive backup solution for Ubuntu? I would like to be able to either burn a disc that would reinstall Ubuntu to it's current state or a disc that would modify and existing (fresh) install of Ubuntu to the state of the machine when the disc was burned.

    I'd like to get my new install of Ubuntu tweaked out just how I want it and be able to have a one or two step recovery method to get back to this point if I ever have to restore the system later. I'm looking for something that will get everything including configuration changes I made in the terminal, files in the home directory, etc...

    I think the best thing to do would be clone the hard drive but if there is a way to make a restore CD that would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Back up solution

    Clonezilla or Remastery I think
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