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Thread: Changing MAC on Wireless USB Card?

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    Question Changing MAC on Wireless USB Card?

    Hello everyone!

    I just moved from win7 to ubuntu,
    besides some changes like the close and minimize on the left side of a programm, I must say
    I really love ubuntu!

    Now, on windows7 I was able to change my mac address using SMAC, but
    I have no clue how on linux.

    I used google but that didn't help me either because all tutorials were about wireless lan cards, and im using an Eminent Wireless USB Adapter

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Changing MAC on Wireless USB Card?

    There is a package called "macchanger". You can get it in Synaptic, or use the console.
    In the console install it by using:
    sudo apt-get install macchanger

    To change your address run it like this:
    macchanger -m 00:11:22:33:44:55
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