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Thread: Run "migration assistant" after install?

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    Run "migration assistant" after install?


    'Scuse me if this has been answered elsewhere. Haven't been able to find much about the migration assistant at all.

    System: Dell Inspiron 1501
    OS: Dual-boot, Vista & Fresh install of 9.10 Karmic

    While setting up the first account for this install, I was prompted as to whether I wanted to use the "migration assistant." Since, for that user I didn't, I selected 'no' and continued.

    After the install finished, I went back to add the other user accounts. It's for these other accounts that I wanted to use the migration services but now I can't figure out how to launch it.

    Anyone have an idea?


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    Re: Run "migration assistant" after install?

    I'm looking for an answer for this too. Here's my situation:
    I did use the migration assistant, but did not uncheck the IE box to transfer settings from. I mostly use Firefox, but rather than transferring both, it only copied the IE settings.
    Is there a way to run it again?

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    Re: Run "migration assistant" after install?

    I too am looking forward for an anwser to this question. Can the Migration Assistant, the one executed at step 6 of the installation, be executed after Ubuntu is installed? (Taking in account Windows is still installed as a dualboot.) Or is the Migration assistant just tied to Ubiquity installer and cannot be run after Ubuntu is installed?

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    Re: Run "migration assistant" after install?

    I too would like to know how to run Migration Assistant after a new install.

    I have an unbootable HD install of karmic and need to find a quick way of moving selected applications and their settings from the HD to the new install of karmic I made on a USB flash drive. Is this even possible?

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    Exclamation Re: Run "migration assistant" after install?

    I wanted to do this too.... on my upgrade to 10.04.

    It seems for what ever reason it has been deliberately written so that the migration assistant can only be run from the install CD.

    The deb file is on the install cd under /media/cdrom/pool/main/m/migration-assistant

    It has a dependancy on libc6-udeb

    when I searched for libc6-udeb to install it, it has a warning that it is a minimal set of libraries for an install cd and not to install it on an installed machine.

    I stopped here not wanting to start the install process again.

    Hope that helps.

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