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Thread: Grub 2 modifications

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    Re: Grub 2 modifications

    I thought I tried that, because that is basically how I got it to work with the menu.lst

    Oh well, Thanks drs305

    That worked perfectly - not sure what I did wrong last time .... (I think I might have inserted ntfs instead of ext2 - don't know if that was it though)

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    Re: Grub 2 modifications

    I put in spacer also, but one time I set the boot the the wrong number so it was trying to boot my blank line. For some strange reason that did not work well.

    menuentry " " {
    set root=

    menuentry "Chainload Other Systems Grub Menu on sdc1" {
    set root=(hd2,1)
    chainloader +1

    menuentry "Reboot" {

    menuentry "Halt" {
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