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Thread: Dell Studio 1535 Webcam

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    Dell Studio 1535 Webcam

    I set up my friends Dell Studio 1535 to run ubuntu 9.10. Cheese is unable to use th webcam. What can I do to fix this?
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    Re: Dell Studio 1535 Webcam

    Hello, I have the same problem, only I'm using 8.10 of Ubuntu (64 bit).
    I installed Cheese Webcam Booth, but it only shows a bunch of colors.

    I have the Dell Studio 1535 laptop, and I want to get the webcam to work.
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    Re: Dell Studio 1535 Webcam

    Yeah, I am not sure if its just a driver issue that we are stuck with or what. I'd be nice if people who actually give us a response on it.

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    Smile Re: Dell Mini 9 Webcam

    I'm having a similar problem with my Dell Mini 9. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 as the preinstalled version from Dell was not responding and infected with something. Now, I lack the preinstalled Webcam Manager and Dell literally drops my call every time when they see that my warranty was up 2 months ago. They are cold monsters.

    Does anyone have this problem? Should coding solutions with other Dells work with my mini?

    Help...Thank you!


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