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I am on these forums since 2005 but not very active here so there is a need to re-introduce.

I have used almost all versions of Ubuntu since 5.04 on Laptops and Desktop including one Desktop having 32 MB RAM. At present I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on my office laptop HP Probook 4410s from my Home (it is Sunday) accessing net through Micromax 3G USB Modem.

I have installed Ubuntu on more then 25 machines of my friends and relatives during last 7 years but most are switching back to Windows but many people approach me to have it on pendrive.

My blog My Tryst with Linux is also 7 years old and gets around 2000 page views every month. The most popular page has been Debian Live LXDE persistent mode followed by How to password protect a file on Linux and Running Ubuntu Karmic on Intel 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset. This is not to advertise my blog but to tell that I have been an active Ubuntu user.

Welcome back

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Hi to all,

I used to be on the forum but due to a memory issue can't log into my old account. Just bought a new Pc, made me install 12.04 after a long life on 10.04. The new look brought me back to the forum(it's not for me). I am a hobby linux user, have not had any install of windows or Mac in the last 3+ years, and that's thanks to this forum.
Anyway, glad to be back.
Welcome back, what was your old account name?

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Hi All, I am now and I don't know how to start a new thread myself
Hello, look for the new thread button:

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Hi all!
I am Inna!
I am new here.
Welcome Inna

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Hi Everyone,
I am Emily I started using Linux in 2006. My very first distro was OpenSuse 9.2 I started using Ubuntu a year ago and found very very easy to use and found it great to use on a laptop. Not my cup of coffee on a desktop. I have ubuntu on both my laptop and am in between distros on my desktop. I love anything Linux related.. Just wanted to stop by an say hello.. Would love to talk with some of you about linux... since 06 I have not able to shut up about how I think people should make the switch linux.
Welcome to the Ubuntu Community.

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Hi Im Catherine and Im just new in this forum, hope that i'll learn more about Ubuntu )