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Thread: Recommendations for an ADSL modem/router with wifi

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    Recommendations for an ADSL modem/router with wifi

    My router is now quite elderly, the most recent firmware upgrade for it is five years old.
    Today I wasted hours looking at DD-WRT and Tomato only to learn that they only really support routers.
    The only one on DD-WRT had firmware update from 2013 and there have been security issues since then.
    I don't want and don't have room for two boxes on my shelf.
    So which is the best sub £100 gadget to buy that will have up to date firmware available?
    I don't need massive wifi range as I'm in the same room as the router and nothing will go through the three foot thick stone wall to the rest of the house

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    Re: Recommendations for an ADSL modem/router with wifi did you check there?
    my mom has a TL-WR1043ND it is using the stock firmware and has not given any issues and does support ddwrt
    those combo units are crap and overpriced and you will be limited to what your ISP supports
    just wallmout one or both on the side of your desk or wall
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