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Thread: upgarde to lucid

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    upgarde to lucid

    Hi Folks

    I have 9.10 and thinking about upgrading to lucid (the beta1) will their be an option to upgrade from the beta to proper version if i do this?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: upgarde to lucid

    Yes, you will have an upgrade path that will eventually take you to the release version.

    Just remember that, if you choose to try the beta version, you will be running a test version of the OS. Expect bugs, odd issues, and lots of updates. While it is stable I would not recommend anybody trying it without having a backup plan should something really bad happen.

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    Re: upgarde to lucid

    I tried the Lucid Alpha 3 and it didn't even boot properly, so I'm waiting for the last beta to install it, but I have a separate partition for that, to avoid messing with my system. I will only install on my main partition if everything works fine.

    Anyway, I would wait two more days, grab the Beta 2, install on a separate partition. Then if it works fine, you could upgrade your main system.

    Keep in mind that upgrades usually render more problems that clean installations. Don't forget to disable any ppa repository before upgrading.

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    Re: upgarde to lucid

    On startup I get a "broken pipe" message - thats why I looking in this forum - going to do a search.
    Other bugs Fast user switcher weirds out X when you switch back to the original user - hangs on shutdown a come and go problem - one update will fix - the next update hangs on shutdown again.

    All and all not bad.
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