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Thread: MSI Wind L2100 / Karmic Koala

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    MSI Wind L2100 / Karmic Koala

    After doing some extensive research, and a lot of trial and error with my MSI Wind L2100 Notebook. I have finally figured out how get Ubuntu Karmic installed and working GREAT!

    I suggest the 32-bit version of Karmic, but the 64-bit works as well.

    Make sure you have a wired internet connection in order to get the wireless working!

    I'll break this down in steps.

    1. Install Ubuntu from CD or USB Stick. Run the Live environment, and do the install from there.

    2. After Ubuntu is installed. Run the update manager, and get all the updates. None of the updates cause issues with the machine.

    3. Download the kernel from

    Download these 32-Bit:

    Download these 64-Bit:

    Install all three DEB packages, then reboot with the new kernel.

    4. Add the ATI Open Source (X-org Edger) Drivers. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources. Click on Other Sources, then click +Add. And choose one of the following.

    a.  ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates - for the safe (stablest) drivers.
    b.  ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa - For the bleeding edge drivers.
    This PPA will show up in your Other Software tab. Again, click on +Add, and this time add

    This is your Realtek 3090 Wireless adapter driver.

    Click Add Source, then Close, it will ask you to reload your repos, say Yes.

    5. Now. Go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

    In the search field look for dkms. It will have a little Ubuntu logo next to it. Click on the box, and mark for installation.

    Then change the search field to rt3090, and mark rt3090-dkms for installation.

    Click on Apply. Wait for the install. One more step, and we're through.

    6. Go to System -> Administration -> Update Manager.

    You will notice that your "new" x-org edger drivers are in the update manager. If not, check step 4 again, and click Check to refresh.

    Click on Install Updates, and off you go.

    7. Finally, restart your computer with the new drivers available, and download your favorite software.
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    Re: MSI Wind L2100 / Karmic Koala

    Running Karmic right now on my MSi L2100.
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