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Thread: Ubuntu Lucid on Eee PC T101MT

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    Re: Ubuntu Lucid on Eee PC T101MT

    In Xournal it also doesn't work for me as Xournal seems to always use axis 3 for pressure. But in GIMP it definitely should. In the input devices dialog, I have set the X axis to 1, Y to 2, Pressure to 6 and all other axes to »none« for the eGalax screen and its mode to »screen«. Does it work (without pressure sensitivity) if you uncheck all boxes in the »Brush Dynamics« settings for the paintbrush tool?

    It's interesting that screen setting and sound hotkeys worked in Karmic, there seems to be a regression in ACPI. I'll analyze that.

    As this thread has been locked due to the release of Lucid Lynx, I've created a new one here:
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    Re: Ubuntu Lucid on Eee PC T101MT

    I can confirm, it works on gimp. The problem is that you have to touch the screen very low (I don't know the word in english...) to see the difference. It would be great if we can set more than 6 in pressure in gimp's setting.

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