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Thread: Can't use Blender with Default Open Source Driver

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    Can't use Blender with Default Open Source Driver

    I have a Gateway MD2614U(Radeon HD 3200) and it was working with the FGLRX driver.

    But I went back to the Default and now I can't box select. I just get the crosshair like thing and it locks up. Then drops the crosshair. But once i get the crosshair and click it locks up and i have to force quit.

    Blender 2.5 works. Just not 2.49.

    I'm using 9.10.

    Any ideas?. Is there a new driver or anything?.

    Also may be worth noting is that when I first try it I have to press down hard on the Volume Touch thing to get it up or down.


    EDIT:Guess this is irrelevant to me now. I have decided to go back to Windows until the time comes for a new Comp. Then I'll get one I know works with Linux.

    I'll*leave this open. Though. In case anyone else has this problem.

    Thanks you.
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