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Thread: screen issues with 10.04 beta

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    Angry screen issues with 10.04 beta

    Hello, i've installed the latest ubuntu 10.04 beta in my pc, dualbooting with win7.

    However, i'm having some screen/display problems: my computer shows white horizontal lines, running across the width of my screen, and this lines are flickering, like old television sets. It is possible to use the system, but this is an annoying problem.

    I'm using a Toshiba A300 1m1, with an ATI radeon mobility 3470.

    I will welcome any help, and i apologise if this isn't the right place to post this problem.

    Best regards, João Luis

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    Re: screen issues with 10.04 beta

    10.04 is in beta testing and will be for a while. You should post your beta-related questions to the correct forum: Development & Programming, Lucid Lynx Testing.

    I will be asking the Mods to move this thread there. Look there for any responses.
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