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Thread: multitouch synaptics on lucid

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    Re: multitouch synaptics on lucid

    It's usually at /etc/X11/xorg.conf

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    Re: multitouch synaptics on lucid

    In lucid, xorg.conf doesn't appear in /etc/X11/, so I had to do this

    I did modify my xorg.conf mouse section to put it the same way as yours, and as a result, synclient worked.
    But it slows down the cursor and puts it quite not enough sensitive. And more, I don't know what to do with synclient -m 100 working, but no gesture works : no 2 fingers scroll, no horizontal scroll, etc.

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    Re: multitouch synaptics on lucid

    Quote Originally Posted by Taoye View Post
    All you need is to have the right configuration in xorg.conf. Here's the synaptics section from mine... my system is a MacBook Pro 13" (5,5)...

    I found that without the "alwayscore" and "corepointer" options set, the system wasn't using my configuration. With this config my touchpad works with tapping, scrolling, dragging, etc. The "synclient -m 100" command works for me also... no more SHMConfig errors. To get more multitouch gestures (3-finger swipe) I'm using a perl script in the background that interprets synclient output...
    That means with the perl cript you can get all of the multitouch gestures?
    Please can you add your script here. Thank you

    By the way the Multitouch driver I posted earlier works in Karmic...

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    Re: multitouch synaptics on lucid

    I'm running Lucid (Beta2 i think) 2.6.32-19-generic
    On Sony VAIO VPCEB1M1E...

    Edge-scrolling, two-finger, etc - do not work.
    In mouse options, two-finger scrolling option is actually faded out...

    I obviously have same issues regarding synclient not working (to do with HAL not existing, if i understand correctly).

    Regarding the potential xorg edits, I thought the standard conf file was no longer existent since Karmic?

    What might my options be? (Any questions about my setup, please ask)
    Thanks guys,


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