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Thread: Question about adding PVR-150

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    Question about adding PVR-150

    I have a mythbuntu box that I put together 2 weeks ago with an ATI TV-WONDER. I recently got a Hauppage PVR-150 that I'd like to add. I tried putting it into the box, but MythTV doesn't seem to recognize it (which it did with the TV-WONDER).

    After doing some searching, I'm unsure about the deal with IVTV. It seems like I need to install it to get the PVR-150 working, but I'm also seeing things that suggest that the newer kernels come with the drivers already, so maybe not.

    I'm an Ubuntu newbie, but I did get this thing running with the ATI card, so with enough tinkering I'm sure I can do it with the PVR-150. I'm wondering, though, could anyone point me in the right direction? What might I be missing, and is there a good guide to setting up MythTV with the PVR-150 out there that I should be following?


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    Re: Question about adding PVR-150

    be careful of outdated material though, I am not sure how 'current' those instructions are with regard to Mythbuntu. I have zero experience with the PVR-150 myself, but that is where I'd start.
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    Re: Question about adding PVR-150

    My PVR-150 just worked, but I had it in the PC before installing mythbuntu so perhaps it figure outd what was required to run it.

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