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Thread: Lucid Lynx and Nvidia drivers

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    Lucid Lynx and Nvidia drivers

    Before writing the post I would like to specify that I am just asking this out of preemptive curiosity (I am not going to touch Lucid before the release) and I know that it is perfectly normal for a beta product to have issues to work out.

    The Technical Overview of Lucid Lynx specifies that there will be an "improved support for nVidia proprietary graphics drivers" in term of proprietary graphics drivers available on the repositories; the problem is that on the "Known issues" section it specifies that "because of the new alternatives system used for nvidia driver packages, the nvidia installer from NVIDIA's website currently doesn't work".

    Regarding to these parts, I have a two-parts question (on the premise that I use the 64 bit version of (K)Ubuntu):
    1) will the proprietary drivers available on the repositories include the 32 bit compatibility libraries?
    2) will the problem with the nvidia installer from NVIDIA's website be fixed before release?

    I ask such questions because, as I said, I will use the 64 bit version of (K)Ubuntu and therefore the 64 bit drivers, but I need the 32 bit compatibility libraries for Wine (for a couple of Windows games I play).

    So far (up to 2/3 months ago as for the last time I tried) the drivers on the repositories appeared to lack such 32 bit compatibility libraries as I could use KDE 3D effects and glgears (so the 64 bit drivers appeared to work), but the Windows games complained that the system lacked of the 3D graphic drivers; the solution was (and is currently) to use the nvidia installer from NVIDIA's website.

    Thank in advance.

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    Re: Lucid Lynx and Nvidia drivers

    Best place to ask questions about a "beta" is the correct subforum ... in this case, Development & Programming, Lucid Lynx Testing. that's where the testers hang out and they are better equipped to answer your questions there.
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