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Thread: HOWTO: Starcraft 2 in WINE

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    HOWTO: Starcraft 2 in WINE

    I just finished the last of the testing on starcraft 2 (and the last patch testing)

    as of right now, starcraft II is kinda usable, and I hope it will also be usable in the future when the real game comes out.

    So, lets begin...

    Firstly, you will need to download the game from blizzard (you have to have a beta invite to do so)

    After downloading, place the file (or zip)(I dont remember what format it came in)
    on the desktop. Extract it if necessary.
    NOTE: the following instructions assumes the installer is named Installer.exe (in my case it is)

    NOTE: Ive only tested this on the dev versions of wine, not the stable releases.

    wget -c
    chmod 667 winetricks
    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_starcraft ./winetricks droid fontfix fontsmooth-rgb gdiplus gecko vcrun2008 vcrun2005 allfonts d3dx9 win7
    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_starcraft winecfg
    go to the "libraries" tab.
    enter in the box "mmdevapi"
    find it in the "existing overrides" list, and click on it.
    click edit and set to diabled.
    go to the audio tab, and select alsa if you havent done so already.

    navigate to where you put the starcraft installer, and
    using that output, identify the starcraft installer file (should end in .exe)
    replace "starcraft_installer" with the starcraft installer file
    WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_starcraft/ wine starcraft_installer
    While its applying the patches, ignore the error boxes that come up, their redundant and dont mean anything.

    p.s. starcraft 2 doesnt work in windowd mode. still workin on that.

    p.p.s. Ive omitted part of the howto becasue of some blurryness on the CoC. The full howto is avalible here:
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