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Thread: AnyData Movicel Modem

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    Smile AnyData Movicel Modem

    I have recently wanted to use a Movicel AnyData ADU Bat 100 USB Modem to a new laptop. I had the software disc when I bought the modem but have since lost it. Can anyone tell me where I can download software to help get this modem working on a new computer?

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    Re: AnyData Movicel Modem

    so this is Movicel, of Angola? Seems it is a CDMA provider;

    you may well not need a software driver;


    in a terminal and tell us what you get:

    (if you know how to open a terminal);

    if you have a paid up account with Movicel that is in credit,

    look at this page

    and go half-way down the page to

    "Create a mobile broadband connection"

    follow the instructions: any joy?


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