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Thread: dark image captured by streamer

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    dark image captured by streamer

    I am trying to use streamer to set up a cron job to take a picture with my webcam once/minute. The image that it is capturing is too dark - does anyone know a way to lighten it? I am capturing the image as JPEG.

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    Re: dark image captured by streamer

    I'm getting a black image, but I notice my webcam starts out dark when it begins recording. I'm guessing that I need to find a way to tell stream to let the image warm up a little...

    I'm thinking of just doing a 1sec video capture and converting it to a jpeg (somehow..)

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    Re: dark image captured by streamer

    Tag=`date +'%y%m%d_%H%M%S'`
    streamer -c /dev/video0 -t 00:00:01 -b32 -o timelapse$Tag_00.jpeg
    rm *_0?\.jpeg

    I figured a way to "make it work" it's not pretty, but it... works!
    Since i'm using the "_00" part I had to make the Tag part to make unique images, but it's just a long timestamp.

    So you'll notice I added the -t 00:00:01
    that takes about one second of "pictures" all of them are dark until about *07.jpeg and 10 is usually the best (for me)

    That last one deletes the bad ones, and I'm left with one good one.

    Hope that helps, I'm going to use something like this to show my 3yo how plants grow with stop-motion etc...

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    Re: dark image captured by streamer

    you can use v4l2ucp to set the cam with
    after its installed it comes up in system preferences as video4linux control panel


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