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Thread: Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

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    Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

    Brand new Linux user (4 weeks inexperience).

    I have 9.10 Karmic on my machine.
    I believe the next release is due out April 2010 (called 10.04???).

    A few queries/concerns a more experienced user may be able to clear up for me:-

    What's the process for upgrading? Do I need to do a clean install or is it all through the update manager? I'm not interetsed in dual-booting or any fandango stuff like that - I just want to use it and 'play' at tweaking the edge bits.

    Is it essential to upgrade? I mean, will the upgrade manager just grab the new release along with security updates and suchlike and 'just' install it?

    Is it wise to upgrade (assuming I have a choice)? I remember from the bad old days with windows (2 months ago) doing OS upgrades and finding drivers missing, slow speeds, incompatible software, etc, etc. (I believe Vista was jointly-writeen by Satan) Do the users who 'just' want to use their computer delay upgrading for a few months (years?) until the bugs are reduced to a low level or is it better to dive straight in?

    The nightmare scenario for me is to turn on the machine one morning in April and find nothing (I'd have stuck with Vista if that was OK).

    Thanks all

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    Re: Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

    You will be able to upgrade through Update Manager when it's released in April.

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    Re: Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

    With default update/upgrade settings, when it comes out you will be prompted to upgrade via the update manager. You are *not* required to upgrade, you will be given a choice, and if you choose not to upgrade and then change your mind later you can do so at any time. Karmic koala will still recieve support for awhile however most people usually upgrade when new versions come out. Although the upgrade manager is pretty good and most upgrades are painless occasionally something can get borked up so make certain to back your data first (which is good practice even if you're not doing an upgrade) just in case you do run into a worst case scenario where you need to reinstall a clean system from disc.
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    Re: Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

    I suggest check the forums(from now on) Somebody who just wants to use a problem free PC would see what happens to the others and then jump in after all problems are sorted (missing out on all the fun and learning).

    Good luck.
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