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that they have "chosen" it for inclusion in the USC seems at least to imply that they have found it to be reasonably usable for its stated purpose .
I doubt there will be any “choosing” involved.

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Normally I use Aptitude to do my dirty work, but since, Firefox is tied to meta packages, or parts of it anyway, I use Synaptic, because it gives me a list of what is going to be removed … So will USC also display what will also be remove so I don't make that mistake.
You are mistaken in thinking that Firefox is “tied to meta packages”. ubuntu-desktop Recommends it, but does not Depend on it.

So if you remove Firefox, USC doesn’t tell you what else it will remove (it’s just branding and Ubuntu integration stuff). But if you try to remove something like, say, libgtk2.0-0, USC gives you the laundry list of things that will also be removed if you continue.