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Thread: Delete Ubuntu help from system menu

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    I´ve had a little question: How do I remove the Yelp starter from the system menu? Can´t make a screenshot because menu´s close when making one.

    Sorry for my bad English


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    Re: Delete Ubuntu help from system menu

    You can take a screenshot with menu by using a delay.
    Open the program "Screenshot" and set a delay time for 5 seconds.

    This should be enough time for you to set up the menu.
    Otherwise, don't know what you mean by yelp.
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    Re: Delete Ubuntu help from system menu

    I think that you are referring to the power/cog menu option of "Ubuntu Help." Is that correct? What version of Ubuntu are you using? Sometimes there are changes from one version to another and that means that instructions that work in Ubuntu 12.04 may not work in Ubuntu 13.10.

    I cannot answer your question. You will need to search through a large number of system folders to find the script that controls what is written in that menu. Someone asked a similar question here more than 18 months ago. They did not receive any answer.

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    Re: Delete Ubuntu help from system menu

    Try this:

    Add the line NoDisplay=true to yelp.desktop in /usr/share/applications

    Save, log out and log in.
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