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Thread: Squid Cache Questions

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    Squid Cache Questions

    Hey guys, Just a few quick questions about Squid.

    I installed squid on my Server via the default package on the default repos. The Squid.conf file is MASSIVE, 166KB, so I was looking to cut out all the garbage and just go for a basic file so I can find what I need and change things instantly.

    But first I need to learn a little more about how Squid works so I was hoping some of you guys could give me a few pointers.

    1) How can I configure limits to disc space that the cache will consume.
    I've got pretty strict disc space limits so I need to be able to define the maximum size of the cache.
    2) Is Squid known for Gobbling Memory?
    If and when I put this into practice full swing shall I bother upgrading the memory in my server? Currently I have 1GB.
    3) Dedicated Partition?
    When I setup a dedicated machine for a cache as things grow, shall I setup a dedicated cache on a different partition, and more importantly, how do I go about changing the default location of the cache?
    4) Got any pro-tips?
    We all have our little tweaks with things, could you guys tell me what you've got tweaked up and why?
    As always, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Squid Cache Questions



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