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Thread: Multiple Wireless Problems

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    Multiple Wireless Problems

    Since I have started to use Ubuntu 9.10, I have had multiple wireless connection troubles. First of all, it says the signal is 2 bars, when in fact my router is right next to me as of right now. Second of all, when I try to connect to it, it asks for my password 3 times, then says disconnected. I'm on a hardwire right now, it's across my keyboard, and I'm in a tangled mess. It's quite annoying and this is giving me a major headache, please, help me out.

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    Re: Multiple Wireless Problems

    Sounds like your password, or the security you chose, is incorrect.

    The number of bars is sort of arbitrary, and doesn't necessarily reflect any specific signal strength.

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    Re: Multiple Wireless Problems

    You can try installing the backports package but I had many wireless issues and after that I could connect but would get the wireless randomly dropping very often. The only way I could fix it was to install 9.04 and then upgrade to 9.10. Now everything works perfect.
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