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Thread: GTK pod ipod video question?

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    Arrow GTK pod ipod video question?

    i have a 120 gb ipod video and i had vista and changed to ubuntu and since itunes dosent work with ubuntu i wanted to get gtkpod, and my question is if i have to change somthing to the ipod that might not make it work with i tunes if i decide to go back to vista.

    in other words if i use my ipod with gtkpod will it mess it up so that i cant use it with i tunes
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    Re: GTK pod ipod video question?

    GTKpod won't make any changes to your iPod. If you go back to Windows you will be able to sync to iTunes again.
    But make sure you have your files backed up, because when you sync you'll lose everything that's been added since last time you used your iTunes account. Then you have to import those files into iTunes and load them back onto the iPod.
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