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Thread: Fit-PC2 as HD frontend

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    Revo 3600

    I thought taht trying to get the intel GPU (Poulsbo) to work steady with hw accel on every version was a bit over my head. In stead I ended up with a Acer Sspire Revo 3600 that i bought at for 150£

    After remove autoboot at the internal linux everything installed without any problems. Running VDPAU and sound over HDMI allmost out of the box. so it could not be much easier.

    The Revo has a fan but the fan must be stopped while the revo is running because it doesn't make any noise.

    It plays HD 720P taxing the CPU 10 - 15 %


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    Re: Fit-PC2 as HD frontend


    just wanted to ask: I have a Fitpc 2 running with Kubuntu 10.4, added the GMA500 support as described in the Fitpc 2 Forum and would like to get Mythtv - Backend running (for SD - DVB-T), but I don't find a way of getting a TV-Picture to the screen. Any hints?



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