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Thread: Plymouth theming ?

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    Plymouth theming ?

    Just thought that as folk are starting to use and play with Plymouth we should have a thread purely for theming it.

    Just to state my Plymouth install is straight form upgrades - I did not install by myself, everything through the repo's.

    I am trying to get one of the themes from this page to go, but having problems :-

    The first thing I noticed is that you have to have git (obviously) and inkscape installed to build his images.

    Then the directories that he uses differ from the way Plymouth has installed on my Lucid. In his readme he uses /usr/share/plymouth, but on lucid it is installed to /lib/plymouth.

    After a bit of Google-ing I have come up with this to install the theme :-

    sudo plymouth-set-default-theme space-sunrise --rebuild-initrd

    BUT I get this :-

    update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-10-generic
    cp: cannot stat `/lib/plymouth/ubuntu-logo.png': No such file or directory

    (I have renamed the ubuntu-logo.png file as I thought that this was causing problems with changing the theme)

    So my questions are, can plymouth be themed in its current state in Ubuntu, if so how, if not why not?

    Just to update - tried again with ubuntu-logo.png file restored and operation completes

    BUT on shutdown I can see the animation start (shuts too quick for it all to play)
    yet starting again I get the usual Ubuntu !!
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