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. . . 9.10 installed much easier than 9.04 . . . But black screens are a problem until you set the xorg.conf.
I used a U9.04 USB Live for my install to another 8 GB USB using a Dell university computer -
then booted it up on a different machine - my Sharp laptop with a messed up Windows XP OS.
I was amazed that the Dell-made USB OS booted up at all on the laptop.

Anyhoo . . . I used U9.04 first for a netboot reason . . . but then had a 1GB USB which is all the U9.04 Live USB needed . . .

It seems after these posts that maybe it would be worth it to upgrade to 9.10 -
either by synaptic package manager upgrade (?) or a whole new fresh start of a U9.10 Live version.

Thanks for the thread and posts.