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Thread: How to install hardware drivers?

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    How to install hardware drivers?

    I'm getting really frustrated, so pardon me please for posting such a seemingly basic question.

    I just installed 9.1 in a dell latitude D6600. I can't get the thing to detect wifi networks, and can't even figure out how to tell whether or not my hardware is installed. I also have an external wifi card which has a much better range than the internal one. It came with drivers on a disk, including a debian driver. But while the "help" section tells me I may need to instal drivers, it doesn't seem to say how anywhere.

    So my questions are:

    How do you install drivers in Ubuntu?

    Does Ubuntu have a functional equivalent to Windows Device Manager; i.e., that lists installed hardware and lets you determine its status? If so, where is it?

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    Re: How to install hardware drivers?

    From the desktop if you will go to the System/ Administration/ Hardware drivers. There it should show all the hardware drivers available for what is detected. Select the device and below the list it will give the options to activate/de-activate the driver.

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    Re: How to install hardware drivers?

    I install Ubuntu via Command Line Install as my laptop has little resources. How do I get the System>Administration>Hardware Drivers, I don´t have it or System>Administration for that matter.


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