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Thread: One: Uploading folders

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    Re: One: Uploading folders

    Quote Originally Posted by pietro2580 View Post
    I totally agree: Ubuntu One is not working properly (so please don't say we over overcomplicating things, it just doesn't work).
    If you upload a directory tree, only the files in the "root" directory are synchronize, while for the subdirectories are uploaded, but these subdirectories are empty.

    So just sticking to DropBox...
    When you are attempting to sync a lot of files/folders, it can take a while. We're working on addressing this issue as it is a big problem for those that want to make the most of the file sync service. We've been making enhancements on both the client and server sides to address this issue but still have a ways to go to get it to where we feel it's optimal. We appreciate everyone's patience as we get things really rocking for syncing lots of files and folders.



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    Re: One: Uploading folders

    Quote Originally Posted by ctdahle View Post
    If you have installed the Ubuntu One client, you just need to create the folder as a subdirectory and it will automatically be there online as well. They've made it incredibly easy, you guys are overcomplicating it.
    I found out that ctdahle is right: in Nautilus I right-clicked a folder and chose 'Synchronize on Ubuntu One'. On the Ubuntu One website, I also added this folder, but did not upload a single file. Then it takes a lot of patience: on my computer it took about one hour per 5 Mb to become synchronized.

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