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Thread: Where did my files go?

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    Cool Where did my files go?

    Hi, when ubuntuone came out i thought hey, great now my mess of documents in my and my girlfriends 3 computers (-Do you know where i put that list? -No, try the desktop, or that laptop) will be solved. And as well, we can access it online, great! So i tried it first on the desktop, soon realizing it wasn't quite ready yet. Now i still have it activated there and since i thought it was working quite well and i needed a file from it on my laptop today i tried to activate it there as well (syncing the "Documents"-folder). A couple of seconds of confusion after which i realize all the documents already residing there where gone. Small panic and unchecking of the "sync with ubuntuone" of the folder resulting in not only an aborted sync but also a complete removal of the files from the web interface.

    How can this be!

    Hopefully i still have half of the files on my desktop but now i can't access them. Why does it remove the folder from the web if you "unsync" only one of the two computers having it? And why does it empty the folder prior to syncing? This is not really a bug but more of a not thought through basic synchronizing algorithm.

    Disappointed greetings from the last warmth of Swedens summer.

    Björn Rask

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    Re: Where did my files go?

    I place all the files and folders which I want to have access to from any of my computers in the Ubuntu One folder. But frequently files or folders in the Ubuntu One folder fail to sync. If they do not sync, then when I log onto one of my other computers, the files will not be there. I have found that the following process always works on unsynchronized folders or folders containing unsynchronized files:

    (1) Right click on the folder and select ¨Copy to Desktop¨.
    (2) Right click on the Desktop copy of the folder and select ¨Synchronize on Ubuntu One¨.
    (3) Right click on the folder in the Ubuntu One folder and select ¨Move to Trash¨
    (4) Drag the synchronized folder from the Desktop into the Ubuntu One folder.
    (5) Empty the trash.

    After this, the replaced folder and/or its contents have always synchronized for me.

    It took a bit of experimenting to find this procedure, perhaps someone has a better process. Hopefully the sync problem will eventually be solved so that this procedure will no longer be necessary.
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