Hey every1,

I have a Toshiba L40 notebook with a Realtek RTL8187b wlan card. I installed ubuntu 9.10 3 days ago. Its great, it recognized my wlan card, I can connect to my wpa2 encrypted router, it is really great. BUT. If I use torrent (for example deluge) after a few minutes my connection is dead. I mean literally. My connection is dropped, I see my router on the wireless connection list, but I cannot connect to it... even if I restart my notebook. The only solution is if I reset the router. I thought that is a router issue. But guess what, my father's notebbok has win7 on it, and I used that for about 3-4 hours, with maximum speed torrent download, and it worked like a charm.

Next I suspected deluge, so I tried vuze, transmission, qtorrent...etc. Same result, all killed the connection.

I am a beginner ubuntu user, I did not try new wlan drivers or sg like that, because I don't know if it is the problem, or how to do it anyway.

Do you have any suggestions?