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Thread: Installing enlightenment 17 on Ubuntu karmic

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    Lightbulb Installing enlightenment 17 on Ubuntu karmic

    Hi everybody:

    Today I found the enlightenment 17 repository and I've installed it on my Ubuntu 9.10. Here's the mini howto to do it:

    Note: as today does not exists a karmic 9.10 repository now, we will use the 9.04 repository.

    1. Enable the e17 repository: sudo echo "deb jaunty main extras" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enlightenment.list
    2. cd /tmp
    3. Download the repository key from: wget
    4. Now, register the key: sudo apt-key add repo.key
    5. Update the apt: sudo apt-get update
    6. Download aditional package libmpd0
    7. Install libmpd0: sudo dpkg -i libmpd0_0.17.0-1_i386.deb
    8. And install the packages needed:
      sudo apt-get install e17 e17-data libefreet-svn-03 emodule-alarm emodule-bling emodule-calendar emodule-cpu emodule-deskshow emodule-diskio emodule-edgar emodule-efm-nav emodule-efm-path emodule-efm-pathbar emodule-emu emodule-execwatch emodule-extramenu emodule-flame emodule-forecasts emodule-iiirk emodule-language emodule-mail emodule-mem emodule-notification emodule-penguins emodule-places emodule-rain emodule-screenshot emodule-slideshow emodule-snow emodule-taskbar emodule-tiling emodule-trash emodule-uptime emodule-weather emodule-winselector emprint gxine xine-ui libxine1-ffmpeg thunar-archive-plugin thunar-media-tags-plugin emodule-mpdule emodule-net emodule-wlan gxineplugin
    9. Logout and login with the e17 now!

    NOTE2: Into the repository exists a dummy package called emodules-all, I've don't used it because it include the emodule-exalt package that replace the network-manager network-manager-gnome packages and I don't want to do that and maybe you neither want, otherwise use: sudo apt-get install e17 e17-data libefreet-svn-03 emodules-all gxine xine-ui libxine1-ffmpeg thunar-archive-plugin thunar-media-tags-plugin gxineplugin

    If you want the composite enabled then install:
    sudo apt-get install libxcb-composite0 libxcomposite1 xcompmgr libgtkextra-x11-2.0-1 emodule-bling transset

    And run from a terminal: xcompmgr -fF

    If you wish integrate the gnome settings then run: gnome-settings-daemon

    To execute this applications from the startup you need:
    1. Create a shell script with: "vi ~/" with the content:
      mplayer /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg &
      xcompmgr -fF &
      gnome-settings-daemon &
    2. Set the rights permissions: chmod 750 ~/
    3. now, create the .desktop file: "vi .local/share/applications/startup-e17.desktop" with the content:
      [Desktop Entry]
      Exec=/bin/sh /home/[username]/
      NOTE3: replace the [username] with your user login name.
    4. finally, create the .order file: "vi ~/.e/e/applications/startup/.order" with the content:

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