So the battery in my acer laptop sucks, it lasts about 15-20 minutes after being fully charged. I checked many different forums and the consensus seems to be, "if your battery doesn't last long it is due to improper use (leaving it plugged in all the time) and is therefore not under warranty." Whoaa... not so fast. I called up Acer after scouring the internet for a phone number 1-800-816-2237, and told them my battery was no longer working and would like a new one, as it is just under one year old. They wanted me to charge it for six hours then discharge it for 4 hours, repeat twice. How do you discharge a battery for four hours when it dies in a matter of minutes? Then they suggested I upgrade to Windows 7, for a fee of course. Anyway after 25 minutes of arguing I finally got to speak to a "supervisor" who promptly told me a new battery would be arriving at my door in 3-5 days.
Moral of the Story:
Demand what is rightfully yours, and don't take no for an answer
If your Acer laptop is less than a year old you are entitled to a replacement battery should your's start sucking.