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Thread: After installing ubuntu beta alongside windows 7

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    Unhappy After installing ubuntu beta alongside windows 7

    Hi I have a big problem with my Dell xps8300

    I had windows 7 and I decided to install ubuntu beta 12 alongside window without wubby
    I boot up into usb stick which had ubuntu beta and went for install
    Selected first option install besides window
    Installation finished
    Start machine and boot up into ubuntu

    My windows 7 is gone now but not panic I have Dell back up utility and ease backup +windows 7 installation cd

    I tried with easy back to get windows back, restore finished successful
    Boot up and I got black screen with some grub text

    Tried Dell back up and the same black screen after successful restore

    Boot up with windows cd and open cmd to fix mbr bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    Mbr successfully fixed
    Start pc and grub is gone

    Start pc with window cd to install window

    Window 7 start copying files and at the very end screen goes black with a white dash blinking

    Start pc with partition manager delete windows partition and linux partition, format, try windows installation again and the very end of copying files, i get the dash blinking again

    I tried to merge window and linux partition and I can't

    When I deleted partitions before I deleted also swap partition I had for linux

    Now I don't have windows nor ubuntu

    I need some serious help

    What can I do to install windows back and merge windows partition which I shrank before to install ubuntu ?

    Any help is very much appreciated


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    Re: After installing ubuntu beta alongside windows 7

    you should just be able to put the window 7 cd in and boot do the install after that go in the control panel shrink the partition volum boot from the USB stick partition the free space leaving room for a 1 or 2 gig swap install ubuntu always window install first..

    if you have nothing on that drive you should able to install windows if not there could be a HD problem ..

    i would make sure there is no partitions left on the drive make sure there is not still a small grub partition...
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    Re: After installing ubuntu beta alongside windows 7

    Thanks for your reply
    The problem is that I can't install windows
    I boot up with windows 7 cd and it starts copying windows installation files and at the very end when it is finishing copying windows necessary files the screen goes black and a white dash blinking on the screen. At this point I just need to start pc and start again

    I had one swap partition and I deleted it with partition manager 9
    Another thing I tried was extending partition I shrank before I installed ubuntu , just to merge the two partitions to install windows as it was before I installed ubuntu but I don't have any option to do so

    Can I do that booting up with ubuntu installation cd?

    I'm away today for my birthday I will try something else tomorrow when i get home

    I just need some ideas because i ran out of ideas myself

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    Re: After installing ubuntu beta alongside windows 7

    I sorted my PC. I just deleted another partition I had with windows 8 and did a backup restore and I'm back in business

    I will try again Ubuntu beta booting up alongside windows 7



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