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Thread: No Durban Team - No DBN Launch party?

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    Re: No Durban Team - No DBN Launch party?

    Hi guys

    Im also from Durban. Im a relatively new linux and ubuntu user (all of three years). Im loving ubuntu and the freedom you have to do what you need to do with your computer. Coming from a 13 year windoze background, ubuntu is a breath of fresh air!

    Ive been looking into how I can contribute back to the ubuntu community in thanks for producing a wonderful OS and stumbled on this site via the main site - I never thought that there would be a South African Ubuntu community- ive always been under the impression SA was windoze terratory. Nice to see Linux taking off here.

    Hope my limited ubuntu experiences can help someone sometime.

    Regards, Craig

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    Re: No Durban Team - No DBN Launch party?

    Hi Zadeet and welcome, always nice to meet another local Ubuntu lover

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    Talking Re: No Durban Team - No DBN Launch party?

    Im also from Durban, Camperdown, Near Cato Ridge....

    Im also new, but very into the PABX (aka Asterisk in this part of the World.) And would like to really get more involved more with Ubuntu and edubuntu. So how do me find all the other ubuntu users and get this durban thing up and launched...

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