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Thread: Recommendations please for an MP3 player

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    Recommendations please for an MP3 player

    I give up!..I almost got my Ipod to work flawlessly in Rhythmbox, but no dice once again.
    I tried Banshee, and a few other players.
    Everyone had some kind of problem.
    One did something right that the other wouldn't do, and the other did something the first wouldn't do, but none has done everything.
    So, I think I'll give up the Ipod, and buy a different player. (And noooo..I'm not going to dual boot Windows, or use wine or some silly thing like that)

    I just need a 4 Gig player, video not important.
    Something that would sync easily with Rhythmbox, recognize playlist and so forth.

    Nothing fancy, just something that works..Thanks.
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    Re: Recommendations please for an MP3 player


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