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Thread: 48x CD/DVD drive only ripping at 10x?

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    48x CD/DVD drive only ripping at 10x?

    This is my optical drive, which advertises CD reading speeds of 48x. However I've been using Sound Juicer to rip some tasty Dream Theater CDs - it peaked at 10.5x, averaging slightly less.

    Why is this? If it advertises speeds of 48x surely it should be able to supply them?

    (I'm running Karmic 64-bit, ripping to a hard drive that can copy 700MB of data to itself in less than 20 seconds, while a CD rip takes over 5 minutes. I have 4GB of RAM, and Sound Juicer takes up at most 2% of my CPU. My specs seem fine - any help or ideas at all would be hugely appreciated! )
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