i have done a search and see that there are several messages about this, but under 9.10 nothing seems to work to disable to password check for wireless (yes, with auto-logon enabled).

i want it all to turn on automatically - let me worry about the degree of security i want or need. this is an open computer for simple web browsing, no one stores passwords or important information on it, so i just want it to turn on and *work*.

so how does go about it? i have tried pretty much everything under apps- accessories- passwords and encryption keys. but this is one stubborn little piece of software. i do see that one could turn off the "gnome keyring" service or so, but i am afraid of breaking something else.

any input appreciated. i truly think the keyring thing is a bit of an annoyance in Ubuntu out of the box. those who want security would not configure an open account, those who do don't want to enter keyrings - it defeats the purpose of auto-login entirely.

would it go away by installing wicd?