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Thread: Can't Access Samba shares

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    Can't Access Samba shares

    So a few days ago my flatmates told me that they were unable to access the shares on my Download box (Ubuntu 11.04). Then this morning i woke up and was unable to access any shares either.

    I can still remote in with Teamveiwer & VNC, and i can also access the SABnzbd & Sickbeard webpages (Running on my download box)

    So none of my computers can access the samba shares, but i can access them from the computer itself by typing smb://turtlesvr/

    What I've tried so far
    • I downloaded and applied updates to linux 11.04 and restarted
    • I've tried using its hostname & IP but neither works.

    • I've tried putting the port numbers 137, 138, 139, 445 (Apparently samba uses these ports?) into the firewall, but this didn't work either.
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    Re: Can't Access Samba shares

    Can you shell into the host and run
    testparm -s
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