lol, i was just coming to post about this, after over 24 hours of frustration I find the equalizer isn't working despite being installed correctly, all dependancies satisfied and so on.

So.. basically all of this is useless for 9.04? There is no other equalizer that will work? currently I have to use vlc for my music which is not ideal due to crappy library management since it mainly really a video player but has an awesome equalizer... rythmbox has no useable equalizer and tried Amarok upon suggestion but seems its for KDE which not only did not work for me but totally screwed up my machine's appearance until I had to restart this machine and re-apply my gnome theme.

I thought this pulse audio equalizer sounded a bit too good to be true...

ah well, nothing wrong with vlc until ubuntu 10.04 is stable and bug free enough to be viable to upgrade to ( i see no reason to upgrade to 9.10 just to upgrade once again to 10.04 after all the bugs i've read about on the forums have been ironed out) then i can use pulse equalizer)

thanks anyway