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Thread: controlling automatic hdparm commands

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    controlling automatic hdparm commands

    when I was using the beta 9.10, there was a script in /etc/acpi/start.d/ called somthing like:
    it was executed on startup, it does "hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda" when on AC power or -B 128 when on battery.

    after installing the final 9.10, that script doesn't exist anymore but I think the "hdparm" commands are still executed on startup because I found no clicks (no Load_Cycle_Count increments) + very high temp on AC and very rapid clicks + low temp on battery that's exactaly what happened in beta because of hdparm -B 254 and hdparm -B 128 correspondingly.

    my question is:
    If there is no script, how can I customize/remove that feature, I want to be able to control it, or maybe I'm wrong and the system doesn't execute hdparm commands on startup (I don't think I'm wrong)?
    pls guys, I don't wanna have chat here, if u got the answer/something useful say it.
    sry, if I sound arrogant
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