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Thread: [TIP] plan9port

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    [TIP] plan9port

    1. install xterm and xorg-dev

    2. Download plan9port

    3. extract plan9port
    sudo mv plan9 /opt

    4. install
    cd /opt/plan9

    5. add below 2 lines to /etc/profile
    PLAN9=/opt/plan9 export PLAN9
    PATH=$PATH:$PLAN9/bin export PATH

    6. profile update
    source /etc/profile

    7. make .xsession in your $HOME
    exec rio -term xterm

    8. before gdm login:
    option -> select session -> choose Xclient script
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    Re: [TIP] plan9port

    Thank you for your tutorials & tips submission. I've approved your post with the following change:

    Plan9 was being copied to /home, which is not a great idea since /home is reserved for user home folders. I've changed this to /opt, a directory for alternative (optional) software installations.


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    Re: [TIP] plan9port


    I maintain debs of plan9ports here:

    Jaunty packages are on the way.


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    Re: [TIP] plan9port

    Sorry for reviving a long-dead thread (let's just call it "graverobbing from outer space" shall we? )

    I got inspired by this post and made an ubuntu live CD with plan9port as default user interface. It is still a work in progress, and I hope to reduce its size further by removing redundant parts etc...

    Anyone interested can access it at:

    If anyone knows of a recent up-to date (and preferrably reasonably "official") apt repository for plan9port, that would be great since this now has been installed from the tarball from Having a pre-built package installed from a repository would save lots of space from all the dependencies that were pulled in by xorg-dev, and would make it easier for curious users to keep their system updated.

    some overview:
    Ubuntu version: 10.04 (built from minimal debootstrap)
    Default shell: rc (ofcourse!)
    Default DM: slim
    Default WM: Rio (ofcourse!)
    Default browser: uzbl

    EDIT: Username=ubuntu, password is blank for live CD.
    I have still not figured out a "plan9:ish" way to get installer and partitioner to look nice so at the moment if anyone want to install, I suppose copying to a pre-partitioned HDD and chroot from there is the only solution.

    Might have to add some more symlinks in /usr/local/GNU/sbin for the root stuff (passwd) for example, which do not work using the plan9port binaries, which as much as possible have been set as default by putting /usr/local/plan9/bin first in the PATH
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    Re: [TIP] plan9port

    very cool


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