So, two basic questions. Will Ubuntu ever address the user problems caused by pulseaudio? There are many and they are unnecessary. In the short term, will Ubuntu at least post directions to disable or remove pulseaudio for those of us who are broken with it and don't need what ever it is that pulseaudio is supposed to be providing beyond ALSA's support? Is there a better place to go to get these answers?

I'm asking because I recently migrated to 9.04. I had never used pulseaudio before. When posting of sound problems to the forum I received no help. In the end the only way I found to fix sound was to follow a guide that explained how to disable pulseaudio for Jaunty. It seems many users are having similar trouble and they are also being ignored, told to stick with pulseaudio and hope it starts to work or told to buy new hardware.

I'm afraid to migrate to Karmic now because I've heard it's even more difficult to disable pulseaudio and I can't find a guide to do it. While looking I just discovered a bug report that suggests that Ubuntu is too understaffed to fix this problem. (

I'm particularly irked because sound worked perfectly for me for years before I migrated. Once I disabled pulseaudio in Jaunty it worked again. But it looks like it keeps getting harder to disable. Lastly, I have an emu10k card that works great with ALSA and I believe it does it's mixing in hardware so I don't even need dmix. Even if I could get pulseaudio to work it will always be an unnecessary drain on CPU and memory resources for me. From what I hear dmix is less of a drain than pulseaudio.

I'm also a little irked since I picked Ubuntu based on the existence Ubuntu Studio. I assumed it would be an easy setup to be able to finally start recording and sequencing on Linux. That's never been very easy to get right. I've since found out that Ubuntu Studio doesn't even come with the jack sound daemon setup out of the box and you cannot do serious recording and sequencing work without it. Jack can't even be run because pulseaudio clashes with it. The only workaround is the unsupported step of disabling pulseaudio. It's a mess. Ubuntu Studio shouldn't even advertise recording until they get that fixed.

I guess that was a few questions and a lot of rant. Still it's frustrating to have to go through this. These sound problems are a silly regression in Linux and I'm surprised they've been allowed to go on this long since it can work. It's odd that *the* user friendly distro is the one stonewalling on this. And the Ubuntu Studio mess just feels like a bait and switch. I mean I know it's volunteer work, but don't claim to be a recording distro if it doesn't work. At least put a big notice in the release note that recording doesn't actually work out of the box yet.