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Thread: IO Data PC4in1-ADP PCMCIA Card Reader

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    IO Data PC4in1-ADP PCMCIA Card Reader

    ok I have been using ubuntu since 6.06. but now that i'm looking to buy a Canon T1i I would like to get my card reader working. I bought this back in windows 98 days. this card reader is a four in one smartmedia, memory stick, multimedia card, sd card. the maker is a Taiwan company, IO Data. Part number PC4in1-ADP. It uses the PCMCIA port. Unlike with my wife's laptop's card reader and a standard usb reader the storage space is not mounted when it is inserted.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: IO Data PC4in1-ADP PCMCIA Card Reader

    You may want to look at getting a different/newer card reader. The older card readers had limitations on the size of the card they could read. Most of them maxed out at 1-2 GB. And if you're looking at getting an SLR camera I'm sure you'll be looking at getting a higher capacity card with it. I bought my girlfriend a Nikon D40 for her birthday this year and ended up getting her an 8GB card to go with it.

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