this morning i upgraded to ubuntu karmic 9.10 and from what i saw at first it looks good, but then i loged in.
after loging in i realised that my touchpad (that i rely on as i dont have a mouse) dident work. at the moment i am still trying to fix it but i know the only is to use the terminal.
all that i am saying s that if you use ubuntu and want to do things that might even have the slightest chance of braking your system then try to learn the shell.
this is a good quick guide to the basic uses
and a guide to use after that for the more advanced uses
also make sure you read this and remember it so you know what advise to listen to and what not to
also if there is someone out there that also feels this way who can post this as a sticky in a better sub-forum then please go ahead.
i hope this helps someone down the track to use ubuntu or to push through a problem with it