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Thread: CanoScan Lide 500f linux driver help wanted!

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    CanoScan Lide 500f linux driver help wanted!

    I have a CanoScan Lide 500f scanner that works without probs under MS Windows. I have now migrated to Ubuntu 8.10 but so far I've not been able to install this scanner.

    Accordring to the SANE project it seems as if no official drivers have been released:

    Is there anyone else that has the same scanner and found a solution how to get this great scanner to work under Linux?

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    Re: CanoScan Lide 500f linux driver help wanted!

    I have the same scanner. Have had it for two years - still no support from the Sane project. Have no idea why.

    Canon are not even considering doing something for Linux users. I don't think the scanner even works under MacOS. So no luck for me. I am going to try trade scanners with someone who uses Microsoft Windows.

    And just for the record: People considering getting a scanner, get something else. In addition to the compatibility issues, it's powered off the USB port - which is not good if you use it with a portable computer.

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    Re: CanoScan Lide 500f linux driver help wanted!

    Mine worked under MacOSX when I used it a year ago. I've thrown it away since.

    Some people want USB powered devices some don't. Choice is good.

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    Re: CanoScan Lide 500f linux driver help wanted!

    Scanners & Printers with Linux...
    Some Brands or models Work Really Great out of the box
    Some Brands or models Absolutely wont work at all
    it is Because of Cold War Like POLITICS in the real world... certain software companies . . .

    essentially all Hardware companies take a position
    with regard to LINUX versus... a certain software company

    you can see in these Links about Linux (Ubuntu) Compatibility

    for More Linux Friendly Try
    HP Deskjet Multifunction Printer/ Copier/ Scanner Model: F4280
    worked great right out of the box, did not have to know any code at all
    just plugged it in
    Good Quality printing, scanned great with "XSane"

    May the force be with with us all


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